My daughter, Piper, the real girl behind Perfectly Piper (and the company stylist) recently completed a photoshoot with her model and 18″ friend, Savannah…

Savannah looked perfect with the spirited Valentine Ensemble that was newly posted in our Etsy Store!

The fun extra that comes with this ensemble is a custom-made banner!  This is perfect to hang in your doll’s special space!

Zebra skirt with ribbon-trimmed netting, sparkly red knit top with back closure, harlequin brocade unlined jacket with lapels and pocket flaps, two-piece stretch cord necklace with angel charm, high-top sneakers with chain, and custom banner give a perfectly festive look to your favorite 18″ friend this Valentine’s Day!

Check out this Valentine Ensemble at the Perfectly Piper Studio on Etsy!

Welcome to Perfectly Piper Doll Couture!  My daughter, Piper, and I are working together to create some really fun things for American Girl dolls to wear!  I am a seamstress and papercrafter.  I love details and prints! Piper is only seven–soon to be eight next month– and an expert on her dolls, their fashions, and accessories.  Piper is my advisor in this company as I try my best to WOW her.

We have a code in the studio:  designs are judged “Perfectly Piper” by my daughter and her little friends (known as The Advisory Board).  This rating, in Piper’s own words, means that the outfit is “cute enough for me to wear” and “I want this for my dolls.”    We only sell pieces that are Perfectly Piper.  (I bet you had that figured out!)

Kid-tested, our Perfectly Piper Doll Couture fashion pieces are easy for girls to put on and take off!  We use velcro for our back closures, elastic for our pants and skirts, and our jewelry uses stretch cord whenever possible.

Although I design and sew with girls in mind, collectors will also appreciate Perfectly Piper designs for their originality, craftsmanship, and style!  Piper is happiest when outfits have accessories and multiple pieces…we bet you are too!

We look forward to showing you some of the fun things we are putting together… and some behind-the-scenes things too!  You can find our new Etsy Store, PerfectlyPiperStudio, by clicking here.